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Read Noozhawk article about our March 14, 2013 Council Association meeting with Sal Guereña

Read Noozhawk article about Sal Guereña, published in September 2011.

Please see below for more information about Sal Guereña and his goals. 

United Parents ♦ Padres Unidos

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                            Mission Statement

United Parents ♦ Padres Unidos advocates for equity in education, seeking to inform and empower parents, and to close the achievement gap among all students, promoting their academic, social, and emotional development.


 v Sponsors or co-sponsors programs to develop the potential of students and parents.

v Promotes parent participation in the governing bodies and the advisory committees for the public schools.

v Collaborates with other organizations to inform, train, and empower parents to become advocates for their children who are enrolled in the public school system.

v Provides accurate and current information to parents concerning disciplinary and legal measures that affect students.

v Promotes the academic achievement of students at all levels of education by analyzing and advocating changes, when appropriate, in educational policies and practices

v Promotes the enforcement of existing educational codes and policies.

v Supports and promotes student participation in after-school community programs.

v Promotes language diversity and non-discriminatory practices in racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, class, and economic issues. Members respect and subscribe to these principles, irrespective of political or religious affiliation.

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