2017/2018 PTA Officer Information needed ASAP!

Letters from California State PTA are on the way notifying all principals of units that have not submitted 2017-18 officer contact information.

The units are not in good standing and their non-profit status is in jeopardy until this situation is cleared up.

Keep Your PTA In Good Standing

To retain 501(c)(3) non-profit  status, the IRS requires an organization to have a

  • president
  • secretary
  • and treasurer.

Unfortunately, when a PTA unit is unable to remain in good standing, the unit loses both its IRS status as a nonprofit organization, and its PTA charter. Submitting officer contact information is one task that allows your PTA to retain its non-profit status, and stay connected with updated resources and a network of support for its efforts to enhance the lives of children and families in a community.

Please update your unit’s new officers’ names, positions, phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses to:

If you need assistance, please contact us Remy Lethaby, or Marina King

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